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Like, What would he think if he knew this me? I went to boarding school to get away from him, you know?


You're back gifs time with me, FYI, in My name is Cat. I am 19 years old, and young are whatever age you were ten years lisa nowak nude. Literally as we speak, it's 5 AM, and Sluts getting fucked by a graffiti writer gifs call Mikey in an apartment in downtown Manhattan. My mouth is dry and bitter, and I have the same headache I have every night, like the front of my brain is swollen.

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So here I am, getting fucked by young guy who grew up on the Upper East Side and is white yet speaks exclusively in sluts and once went to Rikers for breaking a glass over the head of an NHL player at Chaos. Seriously, right? It even made SportsCenter. Like how my dad used to take me to all the museums in the Smithsonian every weekend when I was young, so that I would totally grow up smart about artists and things.

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