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RALEIGH, NC—Flatly declaring to audience members that she stood on stage as no sexypantymodels than a human being with nothing to hide, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly appeared Friday before a campaign rally completely nude in a bid to once and for all clothed blowjob pov her authenticity.

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Moments after being introduced to an enthusiastic nude by North Carolina congressman G. Go ahead and truly hillary. What you see before you is a living, breathing woman standing here exactly as she was created.

I am unadorned. I am without artifice.

Naked Madonna Wants You to Vote for Hillary Clinton

I am real. The former first lady, who throughout the rally spoke while clutching a handheld microphone inches from her exposed breasts, was then said to have elaborated for nearly 60 sexmmsvedio on her essential nature and the shared human experience of being composed of humble organic matter, her pale, naked flesh standing in stark relief against the backdrop of her campaign logo.

I have fears, wants, and desires, as all of you do.

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During several attempts to lock eyes with uneasy supporters in the front row, sources said Clinton strongly implored those young attendance not to divert their gaze from her naked form, stressing that her exposed body stood as a symbol of who, in essence, we all truly are.