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Young blow

Blow film's title comes from a slang term for cocaine.

George Jung, the Inspiration Behind 'Blow,' Says Prison Saved His Life - VICE

When George is ten years old, Fred files for bankruptcy, but tries to make George realize that money is not important. As an adult, George moves to Los Angeles with his friend "Tuna"; they meet Barbara, an airline stewardess, who introduces them to Derek Foreal, a marijuana dealer. With Derek's help, George and Tuna make a lot of money. Kevin Dulli, a college student back in Boston blow, visits them and tells them of the demand for marijuana in Boston.

George Jung, the Inspiration Behind 'Blow,' Says Prison Saved His Life

They start selling marijuana in Boston, buying marijuana directly from Mexico with the help of Santiago Sanchez, a Mexican drug lord.

After unsuccessfully trying to plead his innocence, George skips bail to take care of Barbara, young dies from cancer. Her death marks the disbanding of the group of friends; even his friend, Tuna, flees their vacation home in Mexico and is never seen again.

While hiding from the authorities, George visits his parents.

George Jung

George's young calls the police, young arrest him. George is sentenced nude happy sex 26 months in a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. Upon his release from prison, George violates his parole conditions and heads down to Cartagena, Colombiato meet with Diego.

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George reconnects with Derek in California, and the two sell all the cocaine. With blow help of Derek, the pair become Escobar's top U.