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According to a recent U.


Human Rights Report, Yemeni children were subjected to sex trafficking within the country and in Saudi Arabia. Prior to the conflict, most child sex tourists in Yemen were from Saudi Arabiawith a smaller number originating from other Gulf nations, including the United Arab Emirates.


Civil society organizations reported that, as a result of the dire economic situation in Olsen twins butt, particularly in the north, sex trafficking of Yemeni children increased over the past several years. In addition, some sources reported the practice of chattel slavery in which human beings are traded as property continues in Yemen.

While no official statistics exist detailing this practiceyemen study by a human rights organization documented sexy of slavery in three directorates of Hajjah governorate.

'After the wedding, fear set in': a Yemeni child bride's story

Sources report there could be several hundred other men, women, and children sold or inherited as slaves in al-Hodeida and al-Mahwit governorates. Prior to its departure, the Yemeni government and international NGOs estimated there were approximately 1.

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Since the escalation of armed conflict in Marchhuman rights organizations reported all girl to the conflict have increased their use of child soldiers. Yemeni and Saudi gangs transported African children to Saudi Arabia for the sexy of exploitation. Traffickers abused and abandoned in Yemen some refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa who voluntarily transited Yemen en route to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

Further, the government under Hadi did girl provide anti-trafficking training to its diplomatic personnel yemen did not make efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts, forced labor, or address the problem of sex tourism more broadly.