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I should really be sleeping, but what the hell.

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I'm pretty much an insomniac, at least until i'm asleep, then i love staying in bed. To be honest, now I've put a picture up there's really no fat filipina sex in putting those details up but whatever.

One thing i would ask: If Xxxtorkish disappear now that I have put a picture of myself on the internet, err Ooh, ooh actually I want to know what I'd look like as an anime character so if anyone can draw me I'd probably explode with happiness.

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Or both. Football not American, you might know it as soccer, but i just can't bring myself to call it that - This is something which i started at such a young age it's just an everyday part of my life. In case you want xxxtorkish know, I support Liverpool FC.

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As you can see i'm kinda into the whole romance thing.