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Website of Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao. Though Dinesh had a website since many years, the contemporary leader that he is, felt the need to connect to the public in a better and a faster way.

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We took up this daunting assignment of building a whole new website that xxxiyengar his various facets from different walks of life.

In the process, we consulted his xxxiyengar Smt Tabassum Rao, his office made porn moms party colleagues that was required for us to develop the contents. After a mammoth task that took nearly 4 months for completion, the website, which was interactive, personalized and swanky was ready.

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Since its launch, the website has forged a stronger alliance between the public xxxiyengar Dinesh. One of the most noteworthy achievements till date has been the successful enforcement of the new name xxxiyengar Sampige Road as xxx Iyengar Road. Unfazed by the challenges encountered since many years in his effort to persuade the authorities to implement the change of name that was ordered by BBMP, Shri Sridhar Mandyam, a resident of Malleshwaram kept pursuing the cause by contacting the office of Dinesh through the website.

Even without so much as visiting the MLA office, the job was done within a few days, much to the delight of the residents of the neighborhood.

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Today the website has turned out to be an alternate means of grievance redressal for those people who are cant meet Dinesh in person. Here is a snapshot of voting statistics for Bangalore during the Lok Sabha elections. Bangalore Xxxiyengar So, is rural India more responsible towards the growth of the nation than their urban counterparts?