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Wwe karma undressed

She once went on a reality show to lose weight to get a chance to become a professional wrestler. She quickly became one of the most feared female wrestlers in the world. Kia Stevens journey into professional wrestling started inwhen she appeared on a weight loss reality show called Discovery Health Body Challenge to lose enough weight to pursue a career in wrestling.

Kia Stevens

To further her career, Stevens traveled to Japan and began intense training. Kia admitted that when first approached with the name Kong, she felt insulted and thought it was a bit racist.

She decided to embrace the name and turn karma negative into a positive. Amazing Kong also won the top singles championship in her time overseas.

On the Apron: State of the Divas

Kong would remain with TNA untilwhen she was fired after having an unscripted backstage confrontation wwe Bubba the Love Sponge. Bubba was hired by TNA as a backstage interviewer and was good friends with Hulk Hogan who was now with the company.

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Wwe Kong and Bubba had their undressed, Kong refused to karma with the company to England and was subsequently fired. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage and spent even more time on hiatus. The Kharma character never really took off the way everyone expected it to.

Whatever Happened to Kia ‘Awesome Kong/Kharma’ Stevens? | Ring the Damn Bell

Awesome Kong would return to TNA in and was almost immediately thrust back into the Knockouts championship title picture. She had failed to win the Knockouts belt for a third time braces pics porn was fired a second time by TNA management after undressed backstage confrontation.

Kong would return for one last tour of Japan in before disappearing from the ring.