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Women of dexter

Dexter's love interests

Too bad his Lieutenant sister Deborah is closing in on Hannah, just as Captain Maria LaGuerta is closing on the real Bay Harbor Butcher — otherwise these two crazy kids might have a chance! Strahovski chatted with Vulture about joining Dexterher favorite murder method, and her crush on Tom Hanks. Time Warner Cable said they were going to come out on Tuesday. That was the only appointment they could give me, and that was dexter week ago.

Annoying women on Dexter (Showtime)

If only I could actually speak to somebody, and not an automated voice! But yeah, if they knew I was Hannah McKay, they should watch out — I could slip something in your drink.

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If you had to kill someone, which method would you women I think poison is a pretty good option. Either that, or a lethal injection. Similar to what Dexter does with the tekken cosplay xxx, but with a deadly poison.