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Olly Smith is an awardwinning wine writer and broadcaster. Olly hosts his own drinks podcast www. You can follow him on Instagram sartorialchap. Peter Gosbee is a jeweller, antiques purveyor and keen disciple of the sartorial arts, often to be found at markets, briar in hand and suitcase brimming with treasures.

John Minns was brought up in what is commonly known as the rag trade. When neither poncing nor pandering chap a living, he amuses himself by writing books: He also writes for the Times, Observer and the Erotic Review, back when it was erotic.

In between hosting sci-fi podcasts, Holly writes and speaks about contemporary revolutionary ideas such as gender equality and a post-gender society, along with nude equally important topic of clothes and costume. David Evans is a former lawyer and teacher who founded popular sartorial women Grey Fox Blog seven years ago. The blog korean porn fakes become very widely read by chaps all over the world, who seek advice on dressing properly and retaining an eye for style when entering the autumn of their lives.

The Dandy Doctor writes on dandyism, gender, popular culture and the gothic.

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Her writing has appeared in academic journals such as Gothic Studies and in popular books on cult television. Sunday is currently working on a book about fictional dandies in film and television. Darcy Sullivan writes about comic books, aesthetes and algorithms.

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