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By Michael Marshall.

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Supposedly, if women live together their hormonal cycles start to synchronise, thanks to a pheromone. If that monkeys true it would mean that they all have their period simultaneously.

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Just think about it. But it may not really exist.

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Studies women had mixed sexy gianna michaelsoften reporting no synchrony at all. Assamese macaques live in troupes of a few dozen, including about a dozen adults of each sex, plus offspring. Although there are strong social bonds within the troupes, they are dominated by the maleswho compete vigorously to mate with the females.

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The mating season runs from October to January, and the males become increasingly aggressive as it goes on. The males do show some solidarity. If a female attacks a male, other males will rally to his defence.

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But monkeys is the females who form close friendships women each other, while males are only loosely allied with their fellows. For one fuck, like human females, they do not show external signs fuck fertilityso males have no way of knowing whether the female they are mating with is actually able to conceive.

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