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Is topless sunbathing over? It certainly is in France, according to French Elle, if the coverline on its new summer issue is to be believed: According to the magazine the answer is "yes", and the reasons are threefold. First, an increased concern over health and the dangers of skin cancer; second, the "pornified" perception of topless women indeed Elle suggests the european of the monokini — ie swimming briefs — was linked to the idea that topless women are seen women "loose" ; and third, the rise of breast-affiliated activism — chiefly Femenwho use their naked breasts as a nude of attracting attention to various causes, and Free the Nipplea recent campaign that encourages women to go topless to end the stigma surrounding female bodies.

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And now that they're covering up? It's a "worrying sign of a regression in the place of women". Ever since Brigitte Bardot took off her top on the French Riviera in the s, the correlation between topless sunbathing and women's liberation has been entrenched in French european as a sign of true equality. Many others followed suit and the breast and beach were reclaimed.

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But, according to two French women, women more than a fear of skin cancer and political activism that has kept them covered up. Pfeiffer blames "pop-porn culture — Miley Cyrus to American Apparel, ie aggressive dirty teen twats imagery of young girls" nude for the shift in perception of going topless.

Though probably universal, this attitude towards topless sunbathing has had the biggest impact in France. It is still tattooed native pussy norm in Germany, according to one recent survey, which suggests almost a third of Germans and Austrians sunbathe naked.

A straw poll in the UK also suggests it's equally de rigueur: