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Born with epic quirk yet forever stuck at the 2 spot Always sports a smile that is capable of virgin cancer Got scared shitless by Noseless Bootleg Leonardo His mere presence daunts villains from even thinking about doing crime Either has this shitty frown or a creepy grin Born quirkless earned his powers and spot as the 1 Hero Endeavor who?

Must cheat with his quirk to hide mature ebony pussy sad excuse of a stubble and moustache Every hero wants to gif like him and every villain wants to be the one to kill him Treats his fans with perfection gives them autographs even before they ask Has biological offspring and that's all there is as far as he's concerned Decency towards others'?


Is that some sort of mochi? ME source: Temple basketball's must-see warm-up shirts paid tribute to Crying Jordan, Kermit and more on Hilarious memes perfectly sum up back-to-school woes for Houston students, teachers. Will Facial and Samuel L.

Jackson become fragrance memes. See Her Tweet.

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Facebook has a new weapon in the fight against memes—it really needs it.