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Call Us: Sex up your google searching for Vietnam sex tour information and warnings by reading this article for the answer is. It is reported by Google Trends that " Vietnam Sex Tour " is a key word that customers can search for Vietnam Package Tours in and with vietnam high volume.

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Then the answer is: Is Sex Tour in Vietnam common? Not only tour guide from VTT but also a lot of guides from others have faced the questions about Sex during a tour in each local area in Vietnam by solo travelers or group of man.

Vietnam experiences a "quiet" sexual revolution

This normally comes as the guide is a male and hardly comes if a female guide is going with the group. Tuyen, one of the experienced tour leader with web 10 years working experience in as a tour guide shared with us a story when he was new to the job and going with hardcore partying password group of tourists for the Vietnam Package Tour that starts from Hanoi and ends in HCMC - Saigon.

The group had 12 members and they are a join-in group who had not known each other before.

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The tour went smoothly till the Saigon part with full of smiles and happiness. Upon reaching to Saigon, it would be 2 days more to finish the tour and he got asked by a single male tourist about where to get xxx in Saigon.

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