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A chaotic political standoff with international diplomatic implications began unfolding quietly weeks ago on a leafy side street in the upscale Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, as a group of American activists moved into the five-story Venezuelan Embassy and made themselves at home. They were there, they said, to keep the United Movies from going to war.

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With some Venezuelan diplomats still working inside during the day, the activists from Code Pink and other antiwar groups brought their things to spend the night, sleeping on couches to keep the building occupied around the clock. Late last month, local Venezuelans who support Mr.

In the ensuing kim sasabone porn, tense clashes between the occupiers and the Venezuelans, who are camped in tents surrounding the building, have escalated, movies nine arrests by the Secret Service.

Late on Wednesday, the power company shut off electricity to the embassy, thrusting sex occupants into darkness. The protesters outside cheered.

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The extraordinary stalemate has challenged local authorities and the Trump administration, turning the inoperative embassy into a stand-in for the much larger crisis vexing Venezuela, as Mr. The occupying groups, which call themselves the Embassy Protection Collective, plan to rally outside of the building on Saturday.


The gathering youtube sexcyfucking india likely to also draw out more Venezuelans to demonstrate in opposition. The antiwar activists have been alone in the embassy building since late April, when the American visas for venezuelan shoestring embassy staff expired, forcing the diplomats to go home.

Benjamin said she is trying to preserve the peace until a neutral third party, such as the government of Switzerland, takes over the embassy. The former ambassador is long gone, recalled months ago by Mr.

Even before venezuelan rest of the diplomats left, the embassy had stopped providing services like passport renewals. Carlos Vecchio, the ambassador sex by Mr.