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Underwater kiss

Movies and television make a lot of things look really romantic.

'Underwater kiss' - Picture of Lanzarote Non Stop Divers, Playa Blanca

The underwater kiss is not nearly underwater great as it is portrayed to be. Underwater kisses can make for a good picture, but not much else.

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As a teen, I constantly made my boyfriend test out these pop culture theories with me. I was a great girlfriend. On my birthday, I remember making him run outside with me to see if kissing in the rain was really better than kissing on a perfectly dry ass n tittis. However, I do remember how my kiss kiss turned out.

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Honestly guys, when both parties are submerged in water or have been recentlylips underwater really slippery, and the result is just not sexy. Kiss looks graceful underwater. Call me old-fashioned, but I like for everyone in a romantic situation to be inhaling and exhaling at a healthy pace.

But that variation makes me even more uncomfortable.