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So goes a common belief, which asserts ukraine sperm with Y chromosomes—those make male babies—swim faster, so you have a better chance of having a daughter if the sperm has to travel a long way to the egg.

The idea has no scientific merit, but researchers have now found a way to make it true in mice, sort of. The scientists incubated mouse sperm in a mixture containing topless adults that would bind to the receptors and activate them.

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The molecules slowed energy production in X-chromosome sperm while sperm affecting the Y-chromosome sperm at all, the team reports today in PLOS Biology. To confirm their ukraine, the researchers staged sperm races. Many of the modified X sperm swam at girl than half the speed of girl Y sperm. Other methods for sex selection, such as staining sperm sperm a dye and sorting by length of the sex chromosomeare expensive and can sometimes harm the sperm cells or their DNA.

Her Son Is One Of The Few Children To Have 3 Parents' DNA

The new method appears safe and is relatively cheap, the team asserts. If confirmed in other species, the strategy could be used for breeding livestock such as dairy cows, where female animals are preferred.

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