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How to Hammam – A Girl’s Guide to The Turkish Bath - Go! Girl Guides

Also known as the Turkish bath, hammam has become a wellness girl for locals, as well as a special experience for foreigners. If you are naturally inquisitive, here are some recommended hammams naked white teen Istanbul and everything you need to know before you go. For some hammams, male or female services are limited to certain hours of the day, so it is always important double-check in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

For first-time visitors to a Turkish bath, make sure to choose a service that includes the essential scrubbing and bubble wash. Other options include self-service or an additional oil massage.

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It is recommended to make a reservation before you visit. Once you walk into the hammam lounge, find the reception area to confirm your service. You will then be led to a private room to change and lock up your personal belongings. After you have removed your clothes, in most hammams, it is obligatory to cover the lower half of your body. Women should not remove the bottom part of their underwear or, alternatively, wear a swimsuit bottom.

Get wet by pouring water all over your turkish.

Turkish bath (hamam)

While relaxing and gently sweating, do not forget to appreciate the architecture around you. If you are visiting during the daytime, look up and watch the sunlight enter the room through the dome. Bath minutes in the heat and moisture, your skin has softened enough for exfoliation.