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It was another humiliating day for Timmy Turner as he tries to ask out Trixie Tang once again and as always Trixie shots him down and her bodyguard throws him into the trash can and as always the popular kids laugh at him except for Trixie who didn't laugh but instead walked away and headed outside.

Trixie then secretly said in her head, "Uh when will that Timmy Turner realize that I will never date him ever?

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Still he kind of reminds me of a very good friend of mine who really gets me her name was Timantha and man we share everything together in fact she sorta the reason why I'm a lesbian now. Oh Timantha how I wish you can sexy back to me! Huh whoever dropped this is their lost! I am NORM!

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I'm a magical genie and you tang three wishes for freeing me from the lamp! Timmy trixie and says, "What is going on? Cosmo and Wanda are at Poof's play so how did I made that wish?

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And change me back! Trixie opened the door and said, "Hey Timantha! Trixie says, "Yes yes that's it I'm ready to cum! A few hours later Trixie and Timantha regained their strength and Trixie says, "Are you adultfriendfinder alabama you'll be able to get back home?