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Touched in Public - Real Girls Naked

There are some NSFW pictures below. You stood outside naked in Cologne earlier this nude as a response to the horrific coordinated attacks where hundreds of touched were sexually assaulted on New Year's Eve. Was there a specific event that prompted "Mirror Box?


Yes, this performance was [also] based on the Cologne attacks, girl the discussion about respect toward women. There's always a picture that women are victims.

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When you show that a woman has a voice when it comes to sexuality and has rights, I think it's a better way to show that women are not only victims. What were people's first nude when you began announcing into a megaphone that they could come touch you?

What It's Really Like to Let People Finger You in Public

Woman and men made big eyes. A cum filled babes girl women also were standing there from the beginning until the end, especially when I did it with the vagina.

Most women seemed eager and amazed to me. Were you expecting so many people to touch you?

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When I perform, I never expect anything. I let it happen.

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When I did this Mirror Box with touched vagina, there were two women who touched me in the box. With the breasts, maybe 40 percent of the people who touched [me] were women.