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Topless trampoline girls

Watch This Hilarious Video Starring Chris O'Dowd As A 'Topless Trampolining Coach'

For Jenna Jonathan and Nicole Morris are quite frankly comedy gold bouncing up and down topless while frolicking on a trampoline.

As you do. Girls Welsh babes got jiggy with Mother Topless, jumping around against the sunny backdrop of Tenerife as their plastic fantastic chests took on a life of their own. Wearing just bikini briefs, the boobylicious twosome shook what the surgeon gave them while showing off their gymnastics moves.

Topless Trampolining

Sunning themselves on the Canary Island, the MTV nakedteenpeople also sipped cocktails while risking tan lines with their halter-necks back on. Earlier this month, Jenna spoke assanalgif about her paid-for body, explaining she's not a fan of the au natural look.

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We'd never have guessed. Chatting exclusively to Daily Trampoline Online, she said: She added: She continued: I had my boobs done then three of the girls had theirs done, so I thought right I'm have another one.

You'll take an eye out! Valleys girls flaunt chests in topless trampolining - Daily Star

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