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Humiliated by teens. I had a series of humiliating experiences in college humiliated ruined me for women. Women sense my insecurity and treat me like shit, a wimp, but I outwardly teen like a normal-attractive guy.

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In the summers I hang out at the pool, drink beer and ogle the hot girls that tight out at snake naked simpsons pool, my neighborhood is filled with them. I secretly take pictures of them at the pool and rush home and jerk off to the pictures. I have over hundred pictures on my phone of girls at the pool. I volunteer to take care of the pool so I always have a reason to be there.

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Last week I was hanging out at the pool drinking beer. A black mustang pulled into the parking lot and parked next to my black mustang.

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A kid about 19 came in and sat next to me asking if it was my car out front.