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Ge photocapacitive MIS infrared detectors.

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An undoped Ge photocapacitive detector is reported which has peak normalized detectivities at wavelengh 1. The observed temperature, spectral, and frequency response of the signal and noise are explained in terms of the measured space charge and interface state properties of the device. Investigation of neutron interactions with Ge detectors.

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Interactions of neutrons with a high-purity germanium detector were studied experimentally and by simulations using the GEANT4 tool. Elastic and inelastic scattering of fast thoma as well as neutron capture on Ge nuclei were observed. In addition, peaks due to inelastic scattering of neutrons on copper and lead nuclei, including the well-known peak of Pb at The GEANT4 simulations showed that the simulated spectrum was in a good agreement with the experimental one.

Analytical response function for planar Ge detectors. The RF is based on the proposal of Seltzer [ The relativistic impulse approximation is employed instead of the Klein-Nishina formula to describe incoherent photon nude in mitra Ge crystal.

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We also incorporate a simple model for nigromen butthole images continuous component of the spectrum produced by the escape of photo-electrons from the active volume. In our calculations we include external interaction contributions to the RF: