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Tetris sex

Distraction is a powerful thing.

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We know that chewing gum can make you forget the Adam Levine-penned ear worms burrowing through your brain. With that in mind, why not embrace the all-distracting power of video games, too?

Sex Tetris 2

That's exactly sex psychologists from Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology, Australia, sought to find out when they discovered that playing Tetris for a mere three minutes can make you forget your Death Becomes Her -like cravings for canned frosting or, you know, other foodas well as booze and cigarettes. Not only that, tetris Soviet-era game can also weaken the desire to socialize with friends, sex, and have sex. In a study recently published in the journal Addictive Behaviorsthe researchers conclude that playing the game could help addicts manage their cravings by distracting them from damaging behaviors.

Of the 31 tetris enlisted to participate sex the study, 15 were told to play Tetris for three minutes at a time, before and after reporting any cravings they might have been feeling tetris a scale of zero to Although the students reported weaker cravings for food and nonalcoholic drinks than for cigarettes, booze, coffee, sex, and sleeping, they reported those cravings more frequently.

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Overall, the researchers found that the students appreciably lowered their craving levels—nearly 14 percent — after playing Tetris. But wait: Replacing the desire for food, sex, and friendship with Tetris is a good thing?

Tetris Can Kill Your Cravings for Sex and Doughnuts

And could playing Tetris be an effective replacement for other addictive behaviors because the game itself is understood to be highly addictive? Jeffrey Goldsmith coined the term "the Tetris effect" in a Wired article, describing his experiences after spending a week playing Tetris on a Game Boy for a week while visiting Tokyo: All of our mental activities are analogous, each as potentially addictive as the next.

The researchers are well aware of this jewish gir.