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Moreover, let's see who's temari Let's get it started. It's night time at Konoha, but let's head inside of a run down Apartment, where two people are quietly enjoying dinner. In this room, as it meant for one person, as it a mix of preggo animation xxx bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, as there a small table, and at this Table, there two people, a boy and a girl.

As the male one is the one who lived in this apartment and has been for years, as he has spiky blonde hair with blue eyes and has three whisker naked on each of his cheeks, he's wearing an orange jacket with black sleeves and orange pants, he is Naruto Uzumaki as he looking at his guest for the night.

As the girl who is older lovesexxnxxx Naruto, by last 2 or 3 years, she has sandy blonde hair with four pigtails and naked eyes, and what's more, she's wearing a very sexy like green dress that shows off her figure, Especially her massive Double H breasts, she is Temari destinymoody sex is a ninja from other Village called Suna, and temari outraged right now, which is why she eating her angry away as she eating whatever Naruto has to offer and this been going for an hour so far.

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Naruto finally decides to say to break the silence between the two, fucked did something happen that make you this angry? As Naruto is thinking, ' really Shikamaru?

What did you do this time? Last time, he just you know, slept all day and you were waiting for him all night long" says Naruto as Temari says "this time he forgets! Temari knocks on the door of the Nara home as Shikamaru opened it, that's when Temari notice that Shikamaru doesn't' look clean or ready as he says "Temari?