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The mainstay of breast imaging in the adolescent is ultrasonography. There is occasionally a need for additional teenbreastpictures, particularly with magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

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Imaging of the adolescent breast differs substantially from the adult in both the imaging modalities utilized and the relative likelihood of pathologies encountered. The majority of lesions in the adolescent are benign, but the presence of a breast lesion may cause anxiety to patients and their families due to the wide awareness of breast malignancy in the adult population. It is important to be aware of the imaging modalities available to image the adolescent breast to prevent unnecessary teenbreastpictures exposure while answering the clinical question.

The current recommendations for adolescent diagnostic and screening breast imaging will be reviewed.

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Benign breast lesions such as fibroadenomas, fibrocystic change, pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia, gynecomastia, and posttraumatic or infectious lesions with their associated imaging findings and management will be outlined.

Additionally, review of breast malignancies that can affect adolescents will provide the reader with features to distinguish benign from malignant processes in the adolescent based on imaging findings and clinical presentation.

Imaging of the adolescent breast differs substantially from that of the adult population. Adolescent breast imaging exams are typically triggered by a specific concern, in contrast to the adult population where the focus of breast imaging is most often on screening.

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Targeted ultrasound is the primary modality used for evaluation of the adolescent breast; mammography is the gold standard for screening evaluation in adults. Despite these differences, adolescent patients and their families present with concerns similar to those of adults during breast imaging evaluation due teenbreastpictures the wide awareness of breast cancer. Knowledge of the modalities used for imaging the adolescent breast, indications for imaging, and management of pathologies that may prompt a breast imaging teenbreastpictures will be discussed in this article.