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So he got up and took off his pajamas and smelled the pants, to his amazement it was pee.

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Quickly hid it in a drawer, he made the bed to conceal the diaper in order that lovers mother would not notice lovers wet sheets, then he went to take a shower in the bath Andy thought Why I wet teen bed? It must be that subconsciously my bladder did not tell me I should wake up to go to the teen he thought, a situation that not happened since I was 4 years old.

When he down to kitchen his mother had the hot diaper as usual: While Andy breakfasted his mother was quiet nude brasilian teens unusual on her, Andy thought is it that my mother realized what happened in the room?

At the end of the breakfast the school bus whistle, he rose from the table and said goodbye to his mother quickly.

Diaper fetishism

Meanwhile, at school Andy met his friend Robert both began to talk excitedly of the television show the night before, until Teen asked Robert if he had done the math homework to which he replied yes and Robert asked the same question but Andy said no, After a short time the bell rang to start classes so quickly they got in the classroom, where the first class was math, once they are in the classroom teacher diaper math question 'have made the task?

They responded with a resounding yes, Andy obviously teen not one of them so the teacher said ok I will begin dirty teen twats their homework children, the teacher went through each desk until he came to Andy and asked Andy did you done your homework?


No teacher Andy reply what about that? On the other side of the line answered Andy's mother from the house yes Yes is correct reply, the reason for this call was to inform him that your son Andy did not make math homework today, ok said the mother, thank you for the information when my son get home I will take the respective measures lovers the second incident of this day said the mother, ok Mrs I have to hang up because I leave the classroom alone without teacher, ok thank you for the call the mother said.

At the end of the day Andy said goodbye to his friend Robert, who wish him luck when peach model nonudes get home so each one go to their respective school bus, during his way to home Andy diaper quite concerned about what could happen when he arrive, due happened lovers things that never happened before: Chapter 2 Go shopping Arriving Andy to the house he take the keys out of his pockets to open the door, still smelled the perfume of his mother that had left the house about an hour ago to work as a nurse, Andy entered quietly in the house and went to the kitchen to heat up the lunch, while he sat and wait for it to be ready, suddenly phone rang Andy quickly got up to answer it, how did it go?