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Teen attitudes

Your normally well-behaved child, on entering adolescence, may now start showing teenage attitude problems. No matter how hard you try to handle any situation, she may now answer sullenly, give snide comments, have an indifferent attitude and the worst of all, may totally shut you out from her life by being uncommunicative and secretive.

On top of all this, your teenage child might have a complete disregard of you, your principles, selfie naked fingering opinions, and assume they know much better than you.

3 Myths About Your Teen’s Bad Attitude

They also may hold you responsible for any minor setback in their life! You must admit and accept that your kid is now an almost-grown attitudes stepping into adulthood. Everything is different and attitudes for him or her. Your teenager now has emotions and feelings teen he never experienced before.

How to Deal with Teens with Attitude

He is constantly trying to use and experiment his new found independence. On the other hand, you teen still looking at your teenager as a kid. He has been so dependent on you all this while, that you forgot that now he has grown on his own. Parents treat teenagers as kids and kids look at themselves as adults. This causes the friction.

Disrespectful teenage behaviour: what to do | Raising Children Network

Parenting Teenagers ]. The gap between the two perceptions is the root of all the problems between teenager and parents. I know, this sounds a little rude and harsh, but to your teenager, your advice may not matter any longer.