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Tan and naked

I don't know how it happened.

Kim Kardashian Gets Naked to Document Her Spray Tan

Really, I don't. I self-tan at home all the time without incident. I'm a big supporter of it, actually. But somehow, some way, I'd never had a proper spray tan until last week. And you'd think I was going and away on some far-off trip to where they speak another language the naked I was grilling everyone I knew about how to prepare for it. You see, I had a beach day coming up and I wanted the contouring. When you get a by-hand spray tan, the technician can go back to certain areas of your body, exaggerating lines, creating the look of more chiseled muscles and downplaying your trouble areas.

Kim Kardashian Poses Nude to Show Off Her Midnight Spray Tan

Oh, I wanted the contouring. Tropez tan doing it.


And if celebs from Kate Beckinsale to Filipino porn teen Beckham trust her to make them look fabulous, I knew I could count on her too.

But I knew it could be tricky, especially the immediate after-care, so I kept grilling people to make sure I knew exactly what to do.

Kim Kardashian Gets Naked to Document Her Spray Tan

And now I'm going to share what I learned so you don't have to do the same thing if you're a first-timer. Two coats to get me tan, and then she went back to get the areas she wanted to contour with a darker shade. I had visions of standing naked for a half hour waiting for it to dry.