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WE'RE not talking about vegetables when we say the Swedes are a tasty bunch. And at Saturday's World Cup clashin the stands, at least, the beautiful game will be at its most stunning.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Swedish Women

The country's tiny nine million population includes gorgeous singers Zara Larsson and Tove Lo. But as our young lions prepare for the weekend, we reveal the incredible scientific reasons why Swedish people are just so much hotter than us Brits.

Wondering now how we will do VS. Germany and Mexico.


There's a reason Swedish women look so leggy - they tower over most other people on the planet. Naked stud wet average Swedish man stands at girls little over 5 ft 11ins, with a typical woman growing to 5 ft models.

Meanwhile, the English measure up at a comparatively stubby 5 ft 9ins for men and 5 ft swedish for women.

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Height, of course, can play a big role in how attractive someone is, while long legs are also a sign of genetic health.