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Twerking For Dollas: Celebs Who Started Out In The Strip Club

Photos by Shaniqwa Beyonce. One of the best places to break a hip-hop record is the strip club. Rappers don't just like tossing bands at the club; there, they can get immediate, first-hand glimpses at how dancers and other big spenders respond to the music. If no one's dancing or throwing money, things aren't looking good.


The pipeline of a track moving strippers studio to club to radio to everywhere is well documented —legend has it that Gucci Mane would even drop records in the strip club the same day he finished them. Or, as he says in the sexygirlswithfuking line of "Club Hoppin": Southern clubs like these two in Atlanta—as well beyonce the DJs that drop tracks there, such as DJ Esco Future's official DJ —have attained near-mythical status strippers hip-hop, enshrined by innumerable name-drops in songs.

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According to one Epic Records executivestrip club DJs have been "instrumental in breaking every artist out of Atlanta over the past five years. The whole process gives the strip club DJ and the dancers a surprisingly influential jillian nude ass status in hip-hop. Armed with this knowledge, I channeled my inner DJ Esco and headed over to Sugar Daddy's Gentlemen's Club, a strip club in Long Island City to get the opinions of some of hip-hop's most important critics.

I played three songs:

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