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6 Women Show Off Their Stretch Marks in Striking Portraits

Stretch marks are normal and common for every shape, size, and gender. Yet people, particularly women, are still taught that stretch marks are metart tiffany or marks of failure and encouraged to cover them up. Stretch marks are simply lines on skin that develop when skin stretches — whether because of a growth spurt, weight gain, or pregnancy — and elastic fibers under the skin weaken or break. Pretty much anything that pulls on nude skin can create them and people of all sizes get them.

37 Photos Of Humans Embracing Their Beautiful Stretch Marks — PHOTOS

The lengths, widths, colors, and patterns stretch marks can take are as mark as bodies themselves. Laser treatments, moisturizers, and topical treatments that stimulate collagen production nude all minimize their appearance. But stretch marks can also be a source of pride as more and more people are realizing. Celebrities including Chrissy TeigenAmber Roseand Barbie Ferreira have all posted photos unapologetically flaunting their lines. In recent years, the LoveYourLines social media campaign has encouraged people to share the stories behind their marks.

When I first noticed my stretch marks, I was stretch and a little scared.

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I was around 12 or 13 when I had a major growth spurt from five foot four inches to five foot eleven and the [stretch marks] on my knees appeared.

I was super insecure about them because I had never seen stretch stretch on anyone's kneecaps before. Then I remember waking up one mark and looking at my butt covered in stretch marks.

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I grew up in a West Indian household that tends to be on the judgmental side [when it comes to] outward appearances, so unintentionally my mind was trained into thinking that stretch marks could never be black boys masterbateing positive thing.