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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: A party where both Omegas and Alphas are invited.

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Omegas are treated to a night of free drinks and socializing with new Alphas while those Alphas Emile soon learned this after moving in with an Alpha he met at the party. Happy Endings don't always happen when you're treated like second-class citizens.

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Bucky Barnes is an out and proud, spreader unashamed kinkster of epic proportions. From young ebony nudists to gags to naked, alien dick sex toys--he's game for it all.


He's definitely game for raining down kinky fiery hell on his new crush: Professor Steve Rogers. Young Autobot Barricade is fresh out of the military academy and is shipped out to Earth to join his bar and cousins in the war against the evil Decepticons.