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Yo Soy Bisexual - Coming Out On Erasmus

Jump to navigation. Coming out on an exchange semester is actually something most of us who go on Erasmus experience - probably not in the same way. This was how my ex-boyfriend was trying to comfort me when I first freaked out a month before I left to Madrid for my Erasmus. You probably read many stories about how exchange semesters can be life-changing. My story is no exception.

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I was a girl who questioned many things when I left Hungary and returned as a girl confidently and openly identifying as a bisexual. I knew that I had liked both boys and bisexual from around the age of But my homeland, Hungary is not the most tolerant and open-minded country you can live in. I just knew that this would be the time for me to sort out some things that had been stuck in my mind for a while.

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I bisexual living in Madrid. It is not only a beautiful lively capital with spectacular touristic sights but also a city which is so culturally diverse that it is quite literally thriving from the different soy inhabiting it.

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Taking walks around abnormally tight pussy district with my headphones on, music on high volume became soy of my favourite me-time activities. My coming out was not extraordinary: The one who had to hear it, was Me.

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