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Soviet army girls

Soviet Women Soldiers of World War II

In their war memories, the Soviet officers and soldiers who defended Sevastopol in often evoke the figure of Nina Onilova, a textile factory worker who volunteered at the very beginning of the war and first served as a nurse before learning to shoot a machine gun. Her method, army reported by her former fighter friends, was in fact close to that of the heroine of the film: Did the film influence these Soviet veterans to the point where they tacked images from Chapayev onto their war memories?

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In any case, her story gives us perspective on the question of girls and war in the Soviet Union. Although all the Allies recruited hairy virgin naked during the Second World War, the USSR soviet exceptional in that it was the only country to specifically train women in combat functions aviation, infantry, snipers.

During the Civil War, there were many women in the ranks of what would later become the Army Army. In the s, the USSR prepared for a war considered unavoidable and young girls, like young men, were recruited to learn how to fly planes, to parachute and shoot guns 4.

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This figure of the female Red soldier was then portrayed in literature and film. In a novel, Vassili Grossman portrays Commissar Klavdia Vavilova, who leaves behind a newborn son to return to the battlefield 5. The same year, in Chapayevthe Vassiliev brothers created the fictional character Anka the Machine-Gunnerinspired by the many female volunteers in the armed groups of the time 6.

The growing mechanization soviet armies, the disappearance of physical strength as a determining criterion for battle, made it possible to imagine a place for women.