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Sori topless

Ah, how I will miss thee!

Nearly Naked Female Kpop Idols

Sori the world of K-Pop you gave amatuer threesome girlfriend Gangnam Style that rocked the world. For a moment, K-Pop actually was big and not just inflated as it usually is -teehee.

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Anyways, although there are many ways to rememberI would like to do it, by looking back at some of the sexiest moments! Well, this picture caused some controversy because people thought it was a deliberate publicity stunt. But, here it is, all blurred up because it might topless be safe for Soompi eyes!

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Many point to the effect of advertisements. I mean look, she was always beautiful and sexy. But I think Nana really shined in Cheers to her! Something about a hot girl in lingerie eating fast food just does a number on me.

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