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I relied heavily on Colloquial Somali in my early years. Please feel free to correct me but no extreme lust porn, okay?

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Also, remember I nude learning Somali in Somaliland and have continued in Djibouti so I speak a mix. Anyway, here goes…. Somali is a lively, vibrant, guttural language with loads of gestures. Before I studied itit seemed like every boys of Somalis I saw speaking together were on the verge of a brawl.

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Probably they were just talking about tea or camels or boys. One of my favorite things about Somali is that it is a great language to get angry in.

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The nude sounds and exaggerated hand movements are perfect for when this timid introvert loses her temper. Once I was, rightfully, upset. I switched to French and they began to sense my frustration. But it was only when I turned somali the full throttle Somali that they grasped the true nature of my anger and did something to improve things.

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