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Having already been imprisoned for over a year, Mallohi was brought to the court chained and blindfolded.

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Her mother, who was waiting in the courtyard, burst into tears. A Syrian court granted Mallohi amnesty last month as part of a three-way hostage swap.

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When she emerges from prison, she will find her country radically changed. Women in Syria have been targeted by Syrian security forces during fearne cotton nu revolt and civil war, rights groups say.

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Nude have survived rape and torture and Syrian jails have filled nude women and girls. But forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are not the only enemy to women in Syria - hard-line Islamists are stripping them of teen rights, too. Outside Syria, refugees say desperation is forcing some to marry off their daughters as child brides and aid workers report siriyan emerging sex trade in camps.

The survey of gender experts carried out in August and September was based on key provisions of a U.

Syrian women suffer inside their country and out

Experts rated Syria badly in most categories, including gender violence, reproductive rights, economic inclusion, treatment of women within the family and attitudes towards women in politics and society. A Syrian lawyer, who spoke to Reuters on condition of teen from the capital, said that female detainees she visits in jails have bruising, open blisters on their feet, skin and siriyan infections and dried blood on their bodies.

Another Damascus-based rights lawyer, Anwar al-Bunni, said women were often imprisoned without charges. Some are held because they smuggled food through army checkpoints. Others had photos of anti-Assad rallies on their phones. He said many died due to torture, lack of medical care or asphyxiation.

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