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People With Down Syndrome Need Healthy Sex Lives, Too

The Phenotypical characteristics of women with Turner's Syndrome TS are well documented but information on their psychosocial communication is considerably poorer. The purpose of the present study was to assess the aspects of sexual life in women with TS older than 18 years in Poland and to compare them with Polish women in general as well as with TS women in western European countries.

Sexual attraction, initiation of marykateolsensex activity, age of sexual initiation, sensation of orgasm, reasons for not initiating sexual activity, marital status and sex stability were analysed. Direct questioning method. Women with TS differ from healthy Polish women is general in teenlesbiansmasturbate a lesser interest in males, less frequent sexual activity, later initiation of sexual activity and a less frequent orgasm sindrome.

The most frequent reason for reduced sexual activity is lack of a regular partner.

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Fewer sindrome get married but their marriages are more stable. TS women differ from TS women in western European countries in less frequent sexual activity, later sexual initiation but greater orgastic capacity.

They show a greater interest in males, more get married and their marriages are characterised sex greater stability.