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LifeMarriage. Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means an expert on marriage. I just have a number of things that have worked for me, and if they happen to be of any benefit to you — great!

Thus, if there is one recommendation I would give, one thing to take from this post above all else — it would be to ask. I have topless sexy milf this principle to all aspects of my life — and I have seen its fruit.

Once you have an answer, make any adjustments necessary and showyourwife proactive.

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One last recommendation — be open to correction. Now before your mind wanders, this point is less about the bedroom, and more about small displays of affection.

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A random kiss, hug, hand grab, etc. While these little moments may seem small to showyourwife, they showyourwife significant moments of affection that speak volumes. On your way home, swing by a store and grab something that she likes.

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