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There are predictable figures in Wild Wild Countrythe new Netflix documentary series about the Rajneeshees cult also sometimes called sannyasins who spent four years living in the Oregon countryside in the early s.

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There are the followers themselves, most of them white, middle class, and college educated. But the actual villain and most compelling character of this story is a refreshing surprise. When she was 16, her father told her about a spiritual teacher he believed could become a second Buddha.

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My life was complete. It was Sheela who marketed Bhagwan as a truly global brand.

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It was Sheela who orchestrated the purchase of downloadsexpistol, acres of land in Wasco County, Oregon. It was Sheela who found the sheela, urban sex, scientists, accountants, and lawyers who could turn empty Oregon ranchland into a fully functional mini-city, Rajneeshpuram. And once the population of the commune had grown, it was Sheela who would end up images the residents headlong into dangerous conflicts with their Wasco County neighbors.

Sheela was strident, intentionally controversial and provocative on camera.