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Sexy thong stuck

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As I write this, I'm wearing jeans sexy seamless, tagless hipster-style underwear. Yesterday, I wore a sweater with a hem that hits mid-thigh over tight black pants and, again, underwear that covers my ass. I do not wear thongs.

7 Things Women Who Wear Thongs Will Understand, From Death By Wedgie To Serious Health Concerns

Not thong work, not on dates, not under my skinniest skinny jeans. After repeated attempts during my teens to embrace the sensation of a strip of fabric straddling my cheeks I thought, To hell with this. It's just that thongs are the worst and I'm mystified by how people thong them on a regular basis.

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I'm equally mystified how surprised people are by my refusal to do the sexy. After hitting road trip nude, I got it into my head that switching from multicolored Hanes stuck bikini briefs to flimsy Victoria's Secret thongs — ideally with rhinestones — was as much a marker of growing up as getting your period, or having a boy critique your kissing technique in someone's parents' garage during a house party.

I Haven't Worn a Thong in 10 Years so Don't Tell Me to Start Now

Is that one just me? But after untold hours of cheap lace getting intimate with my anus, I realized that unlike menstruation, I could opt out of thongs.

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Well, years later, I would discover the power of hormones to control my monthly cycle, but thongs are still far stuck to avoid. You just don't buy or wear them.