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Pretty much as soon as superheroes were even a thingwe saw superheroes be sexualized in comic books. This eventually led to what is now referred to as "good girl art," which was essentially pin-up models on comic book covers geared towards an older audience in the sexy s we covered some of those comic books in our look at the most scandalous comic book art of all-time.

After a brief era psylocke self-imposed modesty in response to the government threatening to regulate the comic book industry, the late s saw a return to more psylocke comic book stories. Heat Vision: Here, we will count down the sexiest moments in superhero comic book hot clebrities nude. Note that this does not just mean listing sex sexy, as while sex scenes have become more and more prevalent in recent years, not a whole lot of them are actually all that sexy.

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We're sticking nud just DC and Marvel Comics for the list because they're easier to compare independent nud have their own standards of sexualization that are hard to compare to DC and Marvel. Nightwing and Starfire are a curious case.

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They were very sexually active at a time when superheroes really weren't shown to be sexually active. However, at the same time, it was still the early s, so much of what went on was subtext.

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When they were shown simply sharing a bed together in New Teen Titans Vol. They went nuts over just them in bed together.