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Sexy gym leaders

All the sexy Gym Leaders combine their hotness - Imgur

Even in retro Game Boy sprite form, all the characters have developed personalities. Fans have taken off with these super hot Gym Leaders and Trainers and produced enough Fan Fiction and Fan Art to rival the scope of the franchise itself.

Guaranteed you will be nursing a few technogirls porn by the end of this list if you weren't already. Her tight outfit, long red hair, and seductive poses are as much a part of her personality as her skill in the gym.

Top 10 Gorgeous Female Pokemon Gym Leaders

Gym strappy shorts and knee-high boots are a bold wardrobe choice. Skyla is passionate about flying and airplanes. Taking a trip with her would be a bigger win than taking home another badge.

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This is pretty fitting, considering Winona is gentle, sweet, and soft-spoken. Her lavender hair and ethereal presence give her a fairy vibe sexy only increases her beauty. You can find her on top of a building at one point, and watch her hair blow in the wind.