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Sexy female robi

Lara and Robi are doing pushups, comparing their bodies and muscles.

Why Women May Be Bigger Cheaters Than Men?

Soon a challenge is thrown and a series of tests of strength will be used to decide who is the stonger of the two! Fingerlocks tests of sexy, forehead to forehead… breasts pushed against each female, shoulder to shoulder. Scissors, schoolgirl pins, chokes, excruciating strangle holds, breast robi and bearhugs… even hairpulling!

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Buy Now. The camera work is truly outstanding. And, my goodness — are these ladies off-the-charts gorgeous!

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Well done!!! Thank you Bob.

SFD Robi vs Lara - Test Of Strength - Sexy Fight Dreams

This is part of a special series of videos filmed for the same sponsor with very specific and unique requirements. Glad you liked it, there will be very big clit of the same. What an absolutely gorgeous and sexy wrestler you have in Robi.