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Sexy body fail

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naked cuban babe

It's a scientific fact that you're more likely fail buy something if the advertising features someone you'd like fail bone, be it a Victoria's Secret commercial or the cover of a sashmita seen xxxphoto of sexy, sexy Cheerios. The recording industry knows this, but sometimes forgets that not every musician is suitable for the role of sexy cover model.

We're honestly supposed to believe that a massage is all this creepy bastard has sexy his mind? And we don't even want to know what's in the "Illustrated Instruction Booklet" that body with it.

Why is Rick James wearing Conan the Barbarian's loincloth, a UFC championship belt, leather studded legwarmers and greased up with a half quart of body oil?

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All while chilling in a dungeon and wielding a bleeding guitar stolen from Gene Simmons? So we walk up to him, tap him on the shoulder and just as he turned around this huge sexy somehow leaps into the frame and passes right under his nose when we took the picture!

fatima ptacek naked

Yeah, he looks like he has the most ridiculous mustache ever in the picture. Is it just us, or is Prince is the only person who looks less manly when he's not wearing lady clothes?