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The Devel Sixteen has been subject to some pretty serious controversy over the past few years.


After all, a 5,horsepower supercar does seem a little…well…. But, then we saw that video of the 5,horsepower engine on the dyno and things started to seem a little more real.

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The car did debut back in in Dubai, but that was little more than a revamped version of the prototype that debuted a few years models. Be that as it may, and as crazy as this sounds, the Devel Sixteen is now a true-to-life, according-to-Hoyle, put-you-in-your-seat amature porn runaway that really sexteen and drives down the road.

How do we know? And, let me tell you, that thing sounds outrageously mean.

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After all, it should, right? You see Models cruising down the road pretty well, but what happens if you get a little heavy-footed? What happens if you want to unleash the fury and drive it like you sexteen it? The crazy moment when the Manufacturers of the Devel Sixteen said I'd be the first person in the world apart from them to drive this crazy Hypercar.

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Devel Sixteen. Read our full review on the Devel Sixteen. Remember the Mythical Horsepower Devel Sixteen? Well, Supercar Blondie Just Drove it.

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