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Sex without foreplay

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It's only bad if she's dry which can cause some chafing and discomfort for both or if she is upset about it. Normally I'm all about the foreplay, and girls tend to love it, but occasionally, I hot babe secretary want to fvck her, NOW, and we go straight at it.

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My girl likes that sex lot too, so as without as she's good with it, it's totally fine. If you've gone a while without having sex, though, girls vaginal muscles tend to get tight and have trouble relaxing, so that could make penetration really painful for her.

Is it bad to have sex without foreplay?

If you're having sex at least a couple times a week, that isn't likely to be a problem. No, why would it be bad? It's a preference.

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If there is no pain or discomfort, I don't see a problem with it. No, if you're already wet it's fine. I like it this way sometimes.