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Sex with balloons

For children, balloons can make the heart soar, but when an adult tucks his balloons into bed at night, he could be considered a "looner. Dave, a former piano teacher from outside Little Rock, Ark.

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And with has fathered 65, of them. He cuddles them and coddles them, but insists the relationship is purely platonic. Each night, he tucks one under his shirt and sleeps with the chosen balloon. They are a part of who I am Loving balloons seems harmless enough, but Dr.

Woman with balloon fetish says having sex with them is 'lots of bouncy fun'

Rebecca Sex, director and founder of the Stress Management Institutesaid attachment to objects can balloons considered a mental illness if it interferes with daily life or causes great stress.

Humanizing objects is not that uncommon, she said. Of course he was a castaway on a desert island.

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Men also have close attachments to blow-up dolls. And just like balloons, these objects "from a kinesthetic perspective are like a human body — kind of soft and have some characteristics like a person.

Dave may insist that he isn't sexually pokemon gallery porn to his balloons, but there are many who are, according to licensed sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Andersonwho is director of Sexual Health at Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio.

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