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G reat news! Kiev, the city of my birth, has been ranked by Traveler's Digest as number one — as far as the presence of "beautiful women" is concerned, that is. Am I glad?

Prostitution in Ukraine

Or am I a joyless feminazi who will use this news as an excuse to launch into a diatribe about how the beauty of women is a red herring in a country as plagued by social problems as Ukraine?

The truth is, Kiev probably does have some of the most beautiful women in the world — and they are present at all levels of society.

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They're the trophy wives coolly observing the world from the back of chauffeur-driven Bentleys, and the bored supermarket cashiers who will raise their eyebrows if you fail to produce ukrainian exact change. They include a jailed former prime ministerand the teenage mother who will bum a cigarette off of you outside the airport terminal when you first arrive.

Sex tourism in Ukraine - Wikipedia

Soon, hordes of football fans arriving in Ukraine for Euro will sex out exactly what I'm talking about hadise porn picks and I'm sure that many of them are excited by this prospect. But here's the thing about being a beautiful ukrainian in Ukraine: Perhaps most pertinently, it also does not protect you from winding up in the sex industry. Police sex in Ukraine are already stating that a "strict control" will be enforced during Euroand that only a handful of prostitutes will be able to "get to the foreigners".

Such statements are almost humorous, as they assume that the foreign visitors are passive partners in the whole thing.

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