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Sex on rope

Bondage rope is kinda like tacos. What ingredients should I be looking for in my taco? What is the best way to use my taco?

Basics of Rope for Sex

How do you keep things safe? What happens when two tastes collide? Spending my days answering customer service questions for bondage rope company The Twisted Monk has given me a bit of insight into what questions folks are having trouble answering.

This is why this guide exists.


Rope bondage can go rope a lot of names: To each their own, but the term feels needlessly diminutive, socially gendered, has a sense sex vapidity, diminishes the role of someone receiving rope, and just rubs me wrong in a big way. How can I learn rope bondage? KinkAcademy has some really great videos.

kerry marie tights

There are also a number of anushka shettynude good books you can read and learn from: